Roy Merchant

Interview with mulit-platinum awarding winning producer from the Dairy studio in London - Roy Merchant :

How long have you been recording/performing? 

  • I started assisting in a London studio around 1990 aged 17 and professionally producing in '94 after learning as much as I could about studios and how they used to operate.

What are your thoughts on Phoenix audio processors? 

  • Really like the Phoenix stuff.. I only first heard of them about 3 years ago (2013) when an old studio mate recommended the N16 as a summing amp. I got home that night and randomly saw a reconditioned one on Ebay and had it shipped over. Haven't looked back since..... Its called a Nicerizer for a reason.

How do you use your Phoenix Audio in the studio/live?

  • I have a bunch of lovely mic pre/EQ's in my set up but to be fair the DRS-Q4 mk2 has been the go to for quite a while now. It's sitting on the mix bus at the mo, love the EQ and saturation!

What projects have you used the gear on that you can talk about? 

  • Been working on a project called "Ella on the run". She has a down tempo cover of "All that she wants" (Ace of base) which was snapped up by the same label that had the original. Off the same ep we've had a sync with H&M. Again that was the DRS-Q4 on the mix bus

Have any songs or albums you've recorded with Phoenix gear garnered any acclaim or awards? 

Top10 hits (anywhere), music awards, press...

  • I did a Pop album last year (Bars and Melody) that was No 4 in the  uk album charts and recently went platinum in Poland. That was the nicerizer.

What piece/ kind of gear would you like to see us make next? Or, what Phoenix gear do you want next?


  • Love the DRS, stay on that track, maybe built slightly more "brickshithouse"-esk.....



Ed Sheeran, Nadia Rose, Coldcut, Bars & Melody, MIA, Omar, Wiley, So Solid crew, Example

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