Glenn Thomas

How did you start recording?

Started out at age 10, I would record myself playing bass and with a cheap drum machine jamming to a cassette tape recorder. Then take another cassette player to play what I just recorded and record on the other unit while playing guitar lol.  Multitracking baby! Lol  Had to tune ever pass though lol.

 How long have you been behind the "console"?

I started recording for other people in 1990.

 Any special projects past or present you worked on that you can mention?

California Rock Band X-Sinner, Mastering acts like talents from Blakes team on The Voice – 2Steel Girls, Mastering for Grammy Award winning engineers and Artists. I’ve done work with Kenny Aronoff, Rich Redmond, Jason Jordan, Derry Grehan, and some other really big name artist but cannot reveal at this point. 
I have mastering relationships with Bob Horn, Jim Annunziato, Marc Mozart etc.  

 What projects have you used Phoenix Audio products on?

Anything that comes in the studio 90% ends up going through one of the Phoenix eq’s or Mic Pre’s.

 How do the Phoenix Audio products stand out from all the others? 

The way I describe Phoenix Audio Eq’s and Pre’s is almost 3D. Even in a mono capture. Its more dimensional compared to some of the other top pre’s I use.  

 Which Phoenix Audio pieces do you currently have in the rack now? 

A pair of DRS-1R-500's and DRS-EQ-500's, working on another purchase soon. Its great stuff.

 What piece would you like to get your hands on next? Or What would you like to see us make next ? 

I’ve been drooling over the Nicerizer 16MK2. I’ve been watching the units that are similar but because I know the Phoenix Audio product, I think I’d be happier.  Do you hear that Robin?  J

 What do you like best about using Phoenix Audios gear in your studio? 

I love that the EQ has step dials. Great for recalls. The unique overdrive idea of pushing the output transform works great on instruments or vocals to give it that extra push to come up front. Its solid. It doesn’t feel cheap like some other pres I have sold and why its still in my rack. The knobs feel great and trust worthy

 Any special uses or settings you'd like to share? 

I asked a welder the same question when I was doing the trade in college lol. So I will give you the same answer.

 After asking the welder how he sets his mixture of Argon and Oxygen? He replied!  Dude, I don’t know. I just turn it on and hope for the best lol.



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