Abraham Martinez

2 time Latin Grammy winner

So tell us about Abraham Martinez and what have you worked on ? 

Abraham Martinez is a simple guy who loves God, his family, and is still passionate about making great music. I've worked both live and in the studio with artists such as, Marcos Witt, Danilo Montero, ROJO, Alex Campos, Daniel Calveti and many others. Many of you might not be familiar with them as they are Hispanic Christian artists that have decided to use their music to spread a real message of hope to a troubled world. 

Do you work alone or with a partner ? - Isaac Doria ? 

I'm an independent mixing engineer but often work with friends. Isaac Doria is an amazing drummer that plays on and tracks alot of the work we do using Phoenix 500 series eq's and pre's. Amazing stuff! 

You've been incredibly successful winning 2 Grammys when many established artists never win any, How did it feel to win that first Latin Grammy?  

I've had many goals and dreams in life but this was not one of them. By the grace of God Columbian artist Alex Campos and Juan Blas Caballero (his producer) chose me to mix the album "Lenguaje de Amor" which ended up winning a Latin Grammy in 2011. 

Was the second one even sweeter, has it really confirmed your success ? 

To be honest,  my success depends on my relationship with God and is judged on how those closest to me view me. The other stuff is just frosting on the cake...LOL! I did however take more satisfaction in winning the second as I was involved on the project from the beginning. This particular record , "Marcos Witt 25 Conmemorativo" won a latin grammy in 2012. I appreciate my friend Marcos Witt for the opportunity. I also had the priveledge to work with childhood friends Sergio Gonzalez and Robert Prado as they helped produce this record. Do you get involved in the whole recording and mixing process for an artist ? -

What is your favorite part of the recording process?  

Although I've had the opportunity to produce, play, record, and track, I prefer the mixing part of the whole process. You get to take all of these wonderful ingredients, put them in a pan, and cook them so that everyone can enjoy! To hear a completed mix of a great record is a great reward 

What sort of equipment do you use, do you have a favorite piece of equipment or something that has sentimental value?

I'm not too sentimental with gear but I do own an old Fender Precision bass that I'd never part with. I guess it reminds me of where I started in music....plus it sounds great! 

How do you use the Nicerizer ? Is it purely used for mixing or do you ever track with it ? 

Since I hardly track anymore, my Nicerizer 16 MKII is used for mixing only. 

How has the Nicerizer improved your sound? 

I began my career mixing all analog and then later used all digital formats from Adat to modern DAWs. I eventually found myself working primarily "in the box" but felt I was lacking dimension and an overall unifying character that analog gear brings. I found this with the Nicerizer and more. Now I have the best of both worlds. I can still mix with total recall in my DAW but I don't have to give up the sweetness and warmth that only analog gear can provide. I especially like driving the gain on the Nicerizer as it provides the tastiest saturation I've heard on a main bus. 

In a sentence if you can, describe your experience with the Nicerizer? 

The Nicerizer has not only helped sculpt my sound but it has become my sound! 

Do you think we'll see you cross over to english speaking artists ?

I have thought about mixing for English Christian artists. If you know any looking for a mixing engineer send them my way...LOL!



2 time Latin Grammy winner

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